Silicon Radiation Detector

Semiconductor radiation detectors have many applications in fields such as nuclear physics, particle physics, astronomy, medical x-ray, and materials analysis. Of all the semiconductor materials used for radiation detection, silicon is the most widely used due to its abundance and the availability of advanced manufacturing processes.


At TMEC, the Design, Simulation, Characterization (DSC) research team has a particular focus on silicon detectors. Our team has the expertise and resources to perform a wide range of tasks related to this technology, including numerical simulation of advanced detector structures, detector design and manufacture, electrical characterization, and radiation testing.

From R&D to device manufacturing in TMEC.

Design & simulation

Device & Process Simulation.

Device fabrication

Down to 0.5 um

Electrical Testing

Wafer lever & Final Testing

Examples of radiation detector, PIN structures and designs for X-ray, gamma measurements, and particle physics studies.

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